Aitchison Raffety driving positive change in the valuation sector with market-leading technology

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How Aitchison Raffety is driving positive change with Valos

“One of the key differentiators (and advantages) of working in the SME space is that we can be agile, innovate, make decisions and implement quickly. I am immensely proud that Aitchison Raffety were an early adopter of what I consider to be market leading software, and of the mutually beneficial relationship we have developed with the team at Valos over the last 2 years – they are a fine example of a truly engaged and supportive tech partner working to solve the challenges we face on a daily basis. Long may it continue!”

— Ian Wimpenny
Director, Head of Property Valuations

In a recent article written by Aitchison Raffety, one of the leading Property Valuation companies with £3.5 billion of property assets valued in the UK over the past two years, they wrote about their successes in implementing a new Valuation automation software.

Their team’s primary objective when working with clients is to offer top-notch property services tailored to meet individual business needs.

For their Valuation team, achieving this goal meant embracing a forward-thinking approach. They invested in cutting-edge technology to enhance their rigorous audit and control process, ultimately delivering reliable, robust, and high-quality valuation reports and advice to clients.

Being early adopters of Valos technology over two years ago, they have harnessed its power to:

  1. Access real-time, property-specific information within seconds.
  2. Streamline the reporting process, increasing efficiency.
  3. Improve the accuracy of data searches.
  4. Expand reporting capacity.

Leveraging this technology has enabled them to enhance their service by:

  1. Offering faster turnaround times with dependable and timely delivery.
  2. Providing high-quality, precise, and consistent reporting.
  3. Allocating more time to engage with valued clients, delivering a personalised, relationship-driven service.
  4. Maintaining competitive pricing.
Case Study

In a case study undertaken by Aitchison Raffety, the primary objective was a comprehensive analysis of the performance advantages with utilising Valos. In the course of their investigation, they identified several noteworthy benefits, one being a substantial surge in productivity, estimated to have increased by approximately 30%. This upturn in productivity can be attributed to the automated data gathering, advanced templating, and audit trail functionalities with Valos, which, in turn, resulted in a remarkable enhancement in the quality of reports and a significant reduction in risk exposure.

For a more detailed breakdown of Aitchison Raffety’s case study findings, click here.


We are immensely appreciative to have such a stellar company and team on our platform!

At Valos, we pride ourselves on changing the landscape of Property Valuations. With data sets throughout the United Kingdom and templating for companies across the nation we know the future is automation. Let us help you optimise your Valuation process so you and your team can get back to valuing.

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