What does Valos do?

Valos is an end-to-end platform that allows users to generate professional, property specific reports.

Producing reports with outdated methods can be a real drain on time and resources. By automating the entire administrative process – which includes gathering and inputting data into the report, formatting and templating, and the creation of an audit trail – Valos allows professionals to focus instead on the analysis of data and determining value

Our unique proprietary software integrates 1,000s of data points and features. Together, these enable surveyors, lenders, developers, and estate agents to manage and create fully customisable reports for all property use classes: residential, commercial, mixed use, and more.

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Since adopting Valos, we have seen productivity increase by 20-30%, report quality improve and become more consistent, report turnaround times reduce, third party support costs reduce, and internal administration and valuer time saved.
Ian Wimpenny
Director – Head of Valuations
We have now been using Valos for a year. It saves us a lot of time carrying out research for RICS Red Book valuation reports by consolidating information from various sources into one program, which is easy to use and quick to provide the relevant information relating to that property. Would definitely recommend.
Ross Maunder Taylor

Trusted Data Sources

The outputs are only as good as the inputs! That is why we are powered by the most trusted data sources and platforms available. Here are examples of just some of the data sources and sites that power Valos.

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More Accurate
More Efficient
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Valos by Numbers

Our numbers speak for themselves when it comes to driving efficiencies, improving profitability, and minimising risk

Our case studies show that Valos outperforms current methods of report production across all metrics, with vast improvements in productivity and accuracy. The average human produced report took 3.5 days to complete; in comparison, that same report on Valos took 6 minutes to compile.

Valos is not just about increasing efficiency and reducing costs. By allowing companies to increase capacity, Valos can help drive revenue and make previously unprofitable jobs profitable once more.

Existing users have even noted that using Valos has greatly enhanced their job satisfaction – a satisfying vote of confidence from our clients!

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How it works


Select your subject property or properties, and accurately search for relevant data from a range of sources in an instant.


How it works


Generate comprehensive reports with the support of our natural language processing model, and save your supporting evidence with our automated audit trail tool.


How it works


Create fully bespoke branded templates for a range of purposes. Our integration with Word allows you to edit content within the report with complete control.


How it works


With a full overview of your instructions, you can collaborate and manage reports and files from any location on our cloud-based solution.